AMS Microscopy Training Fellowships

November 1st, 2019

The AMS Microscopy Training Fellowship funds are designated for support of graduate students, postdocs and faculty members for training in new microscopical techniques. Two fellowships of $1000 each are available annually. The funds may be used for support of training in any microscopical technique, either through public courses / workshops or through private visits to other institutions. Any graduate student, postdoc or faculty full member of AMS* is eligible to apply, with the exception of past fellowship recipients. Applications from graduates students, postdocs and faculty members are assessed independently. Awards are made up to a maximum of $1000.

*For 2020, Student AMS memberships are $22 per year, and Full memberships are $44 per year, reflecting online subscription to Invertebrate Biology

2020 Competition

APPLICATION: Applications should be emailed to Shanna Hanes.

Guidelines for AMS Fellowship Proposals

Through the web site, you will be asked to upload a single application document that consists of:

· An updated CV (2 pages maximum).

· A description of the training opportunity (2 pages maximum), that includes

o The nature of the training: e.g., public courses / workshops or private visits to other institutions.

o A description of the anticipated professional significance of the training, e.g., what research it will serve.

· A budget with justification. Funds can be used for fees, supplies, use of equipment, and travel to field sites (travel to meetings and publication costs are not supported) (1 page maximum).  Please indicate if you have prior funding for this project.

The CV, description, and budget must be in one file in PDF format and less than 500 KB in size. Use only ARIAL or TIMES standard fonts, 1.5 spaced, 11 pt type minimum. Have a letter of support from your research advisor submitted via Shanna Hanes. One letter is required and only one is allowed.

Important: Please provide your recommender with the same email address used in this application, since we use this information to attach the letters to the appropriate award application.

Direct questions to Dr. Shanna Hanes, AMS Fellowship Committee

2019 Recipients
Meghan Yap-Chiongo

2018 Recipients
Allan Carrillo-Baltodano
Project Title: A microscopical view of annelid biology.

AMS Travel Awards

November 1st, 2019

AMS Travel Awards to annual American Microscopical Society meetings (joint with Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology)

The American Microscopical Society is offering awards to three student members who will be presenting at the annual AMS/SICB 2020 meeting in Austin Texas, January 3-7 (  Each award will be $250USD

Applicants must:

  • Be a member of AMS;
  • Be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program;
  • Be the presenter of an oral or poster presentation at the next AMS/SICB annual meeting;
  • Use microscopy in the research presented at that annual meeting;
  • Demonstrate financial need for AMS support of travel to the annual meeting.

Applications should include (and be limited to):

  • Applicant’s name and academic affiliation
  • Applicant’s contact information (email, telephone, mail address)
  • Title and authors of AMS/SICB presentation
  • Statement of membership in AMS
  • Paragraph describing the use of microscopy in the research to be presented at the annual meeting (≤ 200 words)
  • Statement of financial need, including a budget where appropriate (≤200 words)
  • Please indicate if you have received funding from AMS in the past.

Applicants should not send full CVs, letters of recommendation, reprints, or other documents.

Electronic applications should be sent by email to Shanna Hanes ( ).  The deadline date will be in November 30, 2019.  Award notifications will be made in mid-December; awards will be payable at the meeting after the presentation has been given.