AMS Photomicrography Contest at Benthic Ecology Meeting this Year!

The American Microscopical Society is sponsoring the first ever Benthic Ecology Meeting (BEM) Photomicrography Contest in Portland, Maine March 16-19, 2016. The winning photograph will be displayed on the AMS website and $100 will be awarded to the photographer.

Photos (a maximum of two entries) will be accepted until noon on the first day of the BEM (March 17th) and will be on display until noon on March 19th. Every meeting participant is eligible to enter and there is no entrance fee. Just bring an unlabeled, unsigned and unmounted print (8 x 10 inches; color or black and white) taken with any microscope (light, confocal, SEM, TEM) to the AMS booth; a single line of information identifying the subject (e.g., “Larval Echinoderm”) and stating the microscopical technique (e.g., “SEM”) should be below the photograph.

The best photomicrograph will be determined by popular vote (one vote per person) and will be awarded the grand prize of $100. First place winner and honorable mention will be announced at the Benthic Ecology Meeting banquet and on the AMS website. For full contest rules see AMS Photomicrograph Contest.