Invertebrate Biology

(continues Transactions of the American Microscopical Society) [ISSN 1077-8306]

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The journal of the American Microscopical Society ranks among the oldest continuously published journals in the United States, having been in existence since 1880. For 100 years (1895-1995) the title was Transactions of the American Microscopical Society; it is now published under the title Invertebrate Biology to reflect a new emphasis on biology of invertebrate animals in all of its aspects, not only microscopy of invertebrates but research involving the fields of cell and molecular biology, ecology, physiology, genetics, systematics, behavior, and biogeography.

Scope: all aspects of invertebrate biology; all groups, all stages, all sizes, including protists and all invertebrate metazoans.

Goals: to promote high-quality research and teaching about invertebrates; to facilitate communication of new knowledge and ideas among investigators working with invertebrates

The Division of Invertebrate Zoology (DIZ) of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (formerly American Society of Zoologists) joins with AMS in promoting the new journal title.

Invertebrate Biology is printed by Wiley - [From 1995 through 2004 it was printed by Allen Press, Inc., From 2004 - XXXX it was printed by Blackwell]

Individual AMS membership is currently US$44 per year ($22 students) for membership in the Americas (€44 in Europe [€27 for students]) and includes a full subscription to the journal (4 issues) and the AMS newsletter. Library subscriptions per year are $166-$193 (the Americas) or £102-£118 (Europe and all other countries).

If your library does not now subscribe to Invertebrate Biology (IB), ask it to do so! Although many libraries are short on funds, IB is so inexpensive relative to other science journals that it produces little impact on librarians’ budgets, and it is a cost-effective way to meet faculty and student needs in keeping abreast of research on invertebrates. Librarians will listen to requests of their patrons, especially recognizing what a rare bargain IB is (current library rate is $166-$193 (the Americas) or £102-£118 (Europe).

If your library subscribed to Transactions of the American Microscopical Society, it should still carry IB. You may want to remind your librarian that IB is not a new subscription but a continuation of TAMS.

Back issues of Invertebrate Biology are available at a cost of approximately $9 per issue.

Electronic versions (pdf’s) of articles published before 2000 are also available through JSTOR. (To reach Invertebrate Biology and Transactions of the American Microscopical Society, select “Browse” from the menu on JSTOR and then “Zoology” from the list of categories.)