AMS-sponsored Symposia SICB 2018

SICB Annual Meeting 2018
January 3-7, 2018
New Orleans, Louisiana

Co-Sponsored Symposia at the January, 2018 Meeting

  1. From Small and Squishy to Big and Armored: Genomic, Ecological and Paleontological Insights into the Early Evolution of Animals (SICB wide)
    Organizers: Erik Sperling & Kevin Kocot; Sponsors: DEDB, DEE, DIZ, DPCB, & AMS
  2. Evolution in the Dark: Unifying Understanding of Eye Loss
    Organizers: Megan Porter & Lauren Sumner-Rooney; Sponsors: DEDB, DEE, DIZ, DNNSB, DPCB, AMS, & TCS
  3. Science Through Narrative: Engaging Broad Audiences (SICB wide)
    Organizers: Sara Elshafie, Stuart Sumida, & Bram Lutton; Sponsors: DAB, DCB, DCE, DEDB, DEDE, DEE, DIZ, DNNSB, DVM & AMS
  4. Integrative Biology of Sensory Hair Cells
    Organizers: Duane McPherson & Billie Swalla; Sponsors: DEDB, DNNSB & AMS