AMS-sponsored Symposia SICB 2017

SICB Annual Meeting 2017
January 4-8, 2017
New Orleans, Louisiana

Co-Sponsored Symposia at the January, 2017 Meeting

With a Little Help from My Friends: Microbial Partners in Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB wide) Organizers: Kevin Kohl & Denise Dearing; Sponsors: DCE, DCPB, DEDE, DEE, DIZ, DNB, & AMS

The Evolution of Arthropod Body Plans – Integrating Phylogeny, Fossils and Development
Organizers: Ariel Chipman & Doug Erwin; Sponsors: DEDB, DIZ, DPCB, AMS & TCS

Low Spatial Resolution Vision - Function and Evolution
Organizer: Anders Garm: DIZ, DNB, AMS & TCS