Deadline: March 15, 2019

Any inquiries can be directed to Dr. Shanna Hanes, AMS Fellowship Committee, at​

The AMS Student Research Fellowship funds are designated for summer support of research projects involving microscopy. Two fellowships of $1000 each are available. The funds may be used for summer support of any research project involving microscopy. Any undergraduate or graduate student member of AMS is eligible to apply, with the exception of past fellowship recipients. Student AMS memberships are $25 per year and include a print and online subscription to Invertebrate Biology Applications from undergraduates and those from graduates are assessed independently.

A successful proposal will include the following: a brief CV of the applicant; description of the project - introduction, objectives, methodology, expected significance of results and literature cited; and a well-justified budget. Funds can be used for supplies, use of equipment, and travel to field sites. However, travel to meetings and publication costs are not supported.

The role of microscopy will be a major component of proposal evaluation. Provide concise details of the microscopic approaches to be taken in the proposed research and show their appropriateness to the objectives of the project. If the microscopy research for which you are requesting funding is part of a broader thesis or dissertation topic, you should write your proposal only for the microscopy portion of the research. The proposal to AMS can be linked to your broader research objectives via the introduction and significance of results sections.

If you have preliminary results or evidence that support the likelihood of the project's success these should be noted.


Dear Research Fellowship Applicant:

Please read the following guidelines carefully before submitting your application for the AMS Student Research Fellowship. In order to be eligible you must fulfill all of the following:

* Only electronic applications are allowed.

* Be a member of AMS. Click here to join, renew or check membership status.

* Complete the electronic application form in its entirety before the deadline; failure to do so will make you ineligible for this award.

* Submit the completed electronic application by the deadline

* The proposal should consist of the applicant's Curriculum Vitae and a short summary of the research project; this should be a maximum of 3 pages, double-spaced, 11 pt type minimum. There should be a separate budget page explaining how the funds will be used and detailing any current support of the project. The proposal, CV and budget MUST be in ONE file in PDF format and less than 500 KB in size. Use only ARIAL or TIMES standard fonts.

* Have a letter of support from your research advisor submitted via our letter form: One letter is required and only one is allowed.
Important: Please provide your recommender with the same email address used in this application, since we use this information to attach the letters to the appropriate award application.

The application form is now closed.